Careers and Franchises

Are you a person that has a great attention to detail, loves to go above and beyond to make sure things go perfect. Are you professional, and reliable 100% of the time. Do you want a opportunity that never gets old, and is never the same. I started MC Sound Solutions 11 years ago and bulit a brand to be proud of. We are to the point of expanding, and looking for only the best people for the position. Positions will start being fill 03/01/14. In less your intrested in a franchise.

Do you want to own your own business that your employees love to do. We are now in the process of starting to divide up districts. Every franchise owner will become a district manager. And will be in control of his equipment and the employees that use. Please call 734-625-8522 at anytime to secure you chance to join the future.


We also offer public speaking training, group sessions and one on one.
With 14 years of public speaking I will work with you till you feel totally comfortable up on stage in front of the podium Call 734-625-8522 for a consultation.

In the top four pictures you can see the equipment that we use set up.  We also carry laptops "not cd's" 100% digital music with no skipping.  If there is a wireless network within range we can get any song on the spot. We have a huge state of the art sound and lighting display, that will get the party started and make it last all night.


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